Vol.16 No.4

Original Articles

Vol.16 No.4 2002

Assessment of myocardial washout of Tc-99m-sestamibi in patients with chronic heart failure: Comparison with normal control
Shin-ichiro Kumita, et al. 237
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Technetium-99m human immunoglobulin scintigraphy in patients with adhesive capsulitis: A correlative study with bone scintigraphy
Ozlem Senocak, et al. 243
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Hemodynamic changes during neural deactivation in human brain: A positron emission tomography study of crossed cerebellar diaschisis
Hiroshi Ito, et al. 249
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Correction of nonuniform attenuation and image fusion in SPECT imaging by means of separate X-ray CT
Toru Kashiwagi, et al. 255
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Decision-tree sensitivity analysis for cost-effectiveness of whole-body FDG PET in the management of patients with non-small-cell lung carcinoma in Japan
Shigeru Kosuda, et al. 263
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Changes in regional cerebral blood flow in irradiated regions and normal brain after stereotactic radiosurgery
Suzuka Taki, et al. 273
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Causes of appearance of scintigraphic hot areas on thyroid scintigraphy analyzed with clinical features and comparative ultrasonographic findings
Masahiro Iwata, et al. 279
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Case Report

Scintigraphic findings of MALT lymphoma of the thyroid
Norinari Honda, et al. 289
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Tc-99m RBC perfusion and blood-pool scintigraphy in the evaluation of vascular leiomyoma of the hand
Seok Tae Lim, et al. 293
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A case of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma infiltrating the brachial plexus detected by Ga-67 scintigraphy
Hitoya Ohta 297
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Short Communication

Variation in FDG uptakes in different regions in normal human brain as a function of the time (30 and 60 minutes) after injection of FDG
Kazunari Ishii, et al. 299
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