Vol.17 No.3

Vol.17 No.3 2003


Myocardial viability assessment using nuclear imaging
Ichiro Matsunari, et al. 169
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Original Articles

Clinical assessment of hepatic functional reserve using 99mTc DTPA galactosyl human serum albumin SPECT to prognosticate chronic hepatic diseases -Validation of the use of SPECT and a new indicator-
Yuya Onodera, et al. 181
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Alterations of tumor suppressor genes (Rb, p16, p27 and p53) and an increased FDG uptake in lung cancer
Masayuki Sasaki, et al. 189
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Clinical value of FDG-PET in the follow up of post-operative patientswith endometrial cancer
Tsuneo Saga, et al. 197
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Preclinical studies on [11C]TMSX for mapping adenosine A2A receptors by positron emission tomography
Kiichi Ishiwata, et al. 205
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The influence of volatile anesthetics on alveolar epithelial permeability measured by noninvasive radionuclide lung scan
Chih-Jen Hung, et al. 213
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Technetium-99m-N,N-ethylenedicysteine and Tc-99m DMSA scintigraphy in the evaluation of renal parenchymal abnormalities in children
Mustafa Kibar, et al. 219
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Comparison of Tc-99m-GSA scintigraphy with hepatic fibrosis and regeneration in patients with hepatectomy
Toshihiro Iguchi, et al. 227
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Graphical analysis of 99mTc thyroid scintigraphy
Junichi Okada, et al. 235
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Case Report

Unexpected accumulation of thallium-201 in bilateral thalamic venous infarction induced by arteriovenous fistula in the posterior fossa: Report of a case
Fumihiko Tamamoto, et al. 239
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Tc-99m depreotide SPECT demonstrates photon-deficiency in the thoracic vertebrae after adjunct radiation therapy of lung cancer: Correlation with MRI and bone scintigraphy
Wei-Jen Shih and Charl Van Wyk 245
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Short Communication

Age-related changes of the [11C]CFT binding to the striatal dopamine transporters in the Fischer 344 rats: a PET study
Kazunori Kawamura, et al. 249
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Interobserver variability of cerebral blood flow measurements obtained using spectral analysis and technetium-99m labeled compounds
Masashi Takasawa, et al. 255
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