Vol.18 No.1

Vol.18 No.1 2004


Sentinel nodes of malignancies originating in the alimentary tract
Hirofumi Fujii, et al. 1
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Original Articles

Three-dimensional display in staging hemodynamic brain ischemia for JET study: Objective evaluation using SEE analysis and 3D-SSP display
Sunao Mizumura, et al. 13
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False-positive and true-negative hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes on FDG-PET
--Radiological-pathological correlation--
Norio Shiraki, et al. 23
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Diagnosis of tumor in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses with [11C]choline PET: Comparative study with 2-[18F]fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (FDG) PET
Hiroshi Ninomiya, et al. 29
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PET measurements of CBF, OEF, and CMRO2 without arterial sampling in hyperacute ischemic stroke: Method and error analysis
Masanobu Ibaraki, et al. 35
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Accurate scatter correction for transmission computed tomography using an uncollimated line array source
Akihiro Kojima, et al. 45
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Use of FDG-microPET for detection of small nodules in a rabbit model of pulmonary metastatic cancer
Satoko Kondo, et al. 51
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Case Report

Preoperative scintigraphic visualization of lymph nodes and pulmonary metastases from papillary thyroid carcinoma
Sami Boughattas, et al. 59
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Usefulness of 201Tl and 99mTc MIBI scintigraphy in a case of oncogenic osteomalacia
Takao Kimizuka, et al. 63
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Short Communication

The usefulness of radio-guided surgery in secondary hyperparathyroidism
Shigeyuki Ogi, et al. 69
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Nuclear medicine practice in Japan: A report of the 5th nationwide survey in 2002
Kiyoshi Koizumi, et al. 73
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