Vol.19 No.6

Vol.19 No.6 2005

Original Articles

Use of reference tissue models for quantification of histamine H1 receptors in human brain by using positron emission tomography and [11C]doxepin
Atsuro Suzuki, et al. 425
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Assessment of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (transient left ventricular apical ballooning) using 99mTc-tetrofosmin, 123I-BMIPP, 123I-MIBG and 99mTc-PYP myocardial SPECT
Kazuki Ito, et al. 435
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Left ventricular systolic/diastolic function evaluated by quantitative ECG-gated SPECT: comparison with echocardiography and plasma BNP analysis
Ichiro Nakae, et al. 447
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Detection of alveolar epithelial injury by Tc-99m DTPA radioaerosol inhalation lung scan in rheumatoid arthritis patients
Berna Okudan, et al. 455
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Thallium-201 scintigraphy in bone and soft-tissue tumors: a comparison of dynamic, early and delayed scans
Yoshifumi Sugawara, et al. 461
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Usefulness of noise adaptive non-linear Gaussian filter in FDG-PET study
Makoto Nagayoshi, et al. 469
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The clinical value of dacryoscintigraphy in the selection of surgical approach for patients with functional lacrimal duct obstruction
Yong An Chung, et al. 479
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Initial experience with X-ray CT based attenuation correction in myocardial perfusion SPECT imaging using a combined SPECT/CT system
Daisuke Utsunomiya, et al. 485
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Contribution of whole body FDG-PET to the detection of distant metastasis in pancreatic cancer
Yoshihiro Nishiyama, et al. 491
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Binding kinetics of 11C-N-methyl piperidyl benzilate (11C-NMPB) in a rhesus monkey brain using the cerebellum as a reference region
Takashi Itoh, et al. 499
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Case Report

Unfused renal ectopia: a rare form of congenital renal anomaly
Gul Nihal Nursal, et al. 507
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Unilateral temporary functional stasis in the upper urinary tract caused by "a filled bladder" on Tc-99m DTPA diuresis renography: a teaching case
Ozgur Karacalioglu, et al. 511
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Cold tuberculous abscess identified by FDG PET
Yuzo Yago, et al. 515
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A case of diffuse hepatic angiosarcoma diagnosed by FDG-PET
Ai Oe, et al. 519
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Short Communication

Clearance of technetium-99m-labeled DTPA in hyperthyroidism without clinical evidence
of lung disease, and relation to pulmonary function
Sibel Guldiken, et al. 523
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