Vol.20 No.7

Vol.20 No.7 2006

Original Articles

Quantification of left ventricular regional functionsusing ECG-gated myocardial perfusion SPECT --Validation of left ventricular systolic functions--
Akira Yamamoto, et al 449
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The measurement of willingness to pay for mass cancer screening with whole-body PET (positron emission tomography)
Hideo Yasunaga, et al 457
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Tumor viability evaluation by positron emission tomography with [18F]FDG in the liver metastasis rat model
Kiichi Ishiwata, et al. 463
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Contribution of 99mTc-sestamibi infusion SPECT to the characterization of fixed perfusion defects
Ali T. Akpinar, et al. 471
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New semiquantitative assessment of 123I-FP-CIT by an anatomical standardization method
Seiko Takada, et al. 477
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Fluctuation of adenosine concentration by modes of intravenous infusion based on mathematical simulation and experiments
Kenichi Nakajima, et al. 485
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Brain and whole body distribution of N-isopropyl-4-iodoamphetamine (I-123) in humans: Comparison of radiopharmaceuticals marketed by different companies in Japan
Hiroshi Ito, et al. 493
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Case Report

Respiratory distress caused by radioiodine therapy in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer
Seigo Kinuya, et al. 499
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