Vol.21 No.1

Vol.21 No.1 2007


PET kinetic analysis ムPitfalls and a solution for the Logan plot
Yuichi Kimura, et al. 1
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Original Articles

Detection of local residual tumor after laryngeal cancer treatment using FDG-PET
Ai Oe, et al. 9
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Decreased cerebral blood flow and prognosis of Alzheimerユs disease: A multicenter HMPAO-SPECT study
Tsunehiko Nishimura, et al. 15
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Scatter correction based on an artificial neural network for 99mTc and 123I dual-isotope SPECT in myocardial and brain imaging
Jingming Bai, et al. 25
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Breast MRI and 18F FDG PET/CT in the management of breast cancer
Andrei Iagaru, et al. 33
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Cerebral perfusion pattern of idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus studied by SPECT and statistical brain mapping
Hiroki Sasaki, et al. 39
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Comparison of dynamic FDG-microPET study in a rabbit turpentine-induced inflammatory model and in a rabbit VX2 tumor model
Yoshimasa Hamazawa, et al. 47
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Importance of renal function on prognostic value of cardiac iodine-123 metaiodobenzylguanidine scintigraphy
Tatsuhiko Furuhashi, et al. 57
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The detection rates and tumor clinical/pathological stages of whole-body FDG-PET cancer screening
Ken Ono, et al. 65
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Short Communication

Assessment of central chemosensitivity and cardiac sympathetic nerve activity using I-123 MIBG imaging in central sleep apnea syndrome in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy
Kentaro Meguro, et al. 73
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Technical Notes

Reducing renal uptake of 111In-DOTATOC: A comparison among various basic amino acids
Yung-Chang Lin, et al. 79
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