Vol.18 No.7

Vol.18 No.7 2003


Myocardial perfusion imaging in pediatric cardiology
Chisato Kondo 551
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Original Articles

Evaluation of the use of a standard input function for compartment analysis of [123I]iomazenil data: factors influencing the quantitative results
Yujiro Seike, et al. 563
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Detection of alveolar epithelial injury by 99mTc-DTPA radioaerosol inhalation lung scan following blunt chest trauma
Berna Okudan, et al. 573
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Semiquantitative analysis of interictal glucose metabolism between generalized epilepsy and localization related epilepsy
Akio Hikima, et al. 579
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A study on attenuation correction using Tc-99m external TCT source in Tc-99m GSA liver SPECT
Yasuyuki Takahashi, et al. 585
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Usefulness of 123I-metaiodobenzylguanidine myocardial scintigraphy in the prediction of cardiac events in patients with cardiomyopathy showing stabilization of symptoms or preserved cardiac function
Shinichiro Fujimoto, et al. 591
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Correlation between angiogenesis and reduction ratio measured using 201Tl chloride single photon emission computed tomography in patients with oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma
Aya Suzuki, et al. 599
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Reproducibility of dopamine transporter density measured with 123I-FPCIT SPECT in normal control and Parkinson's disease patients
Tatsuro Tsuchida, et al. 609
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Prognostic value of ECG-gated thallium-201 single-photon emission tomography in patients with coronary artery disease
Shinro Matsuo, et al. 617
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Case Report

Spinal cord Ewing's sarcoma metastasis: presentation of one case
Gun Kara 623
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Pathologic hepatic Tc-99m-MDP uptake in polyostotic fibrous dysplasia
Ersoy Kekilli, et al. 627
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Failure of radioiodine treatment in Graves' disease intentionally caused by a patient: Suspected Munchausen syndrome
Seigo Kinuya, et al. 631
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Bone scintigraphic and CT evaluation of chondrosarcoma of the rib: Correlation with histological grade in 6 cases
Shigeru Ehara, et al. 633
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Short Communication

Gastrointestinal uptake of FDG after N-butylscopolamine or omeprazole treatment in the rat
Fumiyasu Yamamoto, et al. 637
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