Vol.20 No.3

Vol.20 No.3 2006

Original Articles

In vivo bioluminescence imaging of cord blood derived mesenchymal stem cell transplantation into rat myocardium
Jung-Joon Min, et al. 165
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Prognostic value of FDG-PET in patients with ovarian carcinoma following surgical treatment
Hiromasa Kurosaki, et al. 171
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Detection of maleate-induced Fanconi syndrome by decreasing accumulation of 125I-3-iodo-α-methyl-l-tyrosine in the proximal tubule segment-1 region of renal cortex in mice: a trial of separate evaluation of reabsorption
Naoto Shikano, et al. 175
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Comparison of extraarticular leakage values of radiopharmaceuticals used for radionuclide synovectomy
Gonca Kara Gedik, et al. 183
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Performance of list mode data acquisition with ECAT EXACT HR and ECAT EXACT HR+ positron emission scanners
Hiroshi Watabe, et al. 189
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Surveillance study for creating the national clinical database related to ECG-gated myocardial perfusion SPECT of ischemic heart disease: J-ACCESS study design
Hideo Kusuoka, et al. 195
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Evaluation of the relationship between physiological FDG uptake in the heart and age, blood glucose level, fasting period, and hospitalization
Tomohiro Kaneta, et al. 203
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Diastolic blood pressure influences cerebrovascular reactivity measured by means of 123I-iodoamphetamine brain single photon emission computed tomography in medically treated patients with occlusive carotid or middle cerebral artery disease
Yasuyuki Kimura, et al. 209
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Case Report

Osteoid osteoma simulating osteomyelitis: Differentiation with Tc-99m hig scintigraphy
Seyda Turkolmez, et al. 217
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FDG PET scan in a primitive neuroectodermal tumor
Kenneth A. Musana, et al. 221
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SPECT in periodic lateralized epileptiform discharges (PLEDs): A case report on PLEDs for staging and assessment of the therapeutic response
Eser Lay Ergun, et al. 227
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Diaphyseal medullary stenosis with pleomorphic malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the bone: 99mTc hydroxymethylenediphosphonate and 201Tl chloride scintigraphy findings
Mototaka Miyake, et al. 233
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Short Communication

Effects of image reconstruction algorithm on neurotransmission PET studies in humans: comparison between filtered backprojection and ordered subsets expectation maximization
Takuya Morimoto, et al. 237
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Technic Notes

System design and development of a pinhole SPECT system for quantitative functional imaging of small animals
Toshiyuki Aoi, et al. 245
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