Vol.8 No.4

Vol.8 No.4 1994

Original Articles

Serial water changes in human skeletal muscles on exercise studied with proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging
Toru OGINO, et al. 219
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Scintigraphic changes in bone metastasis from prostate cancer after hormonal therapy Comparison with tumor markers and bone X-ray
Kiyoshi KOIZUMI, et al. 225
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Circulating forms of immunoreactive parathyroid hormone-related protein for identifying patients with humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy: A comparative study with C-terminal(109-141)- and N-terminal(1-86)-region-specific PTHrP radioassay
Mitsuko SUEHIRO, et al. 231
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Optimal dose of injection in activation study with 0-15 water and PET
Norihiro SADATO, et al. 239
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Assessment of dopamine metabolism in brain of patients with dementia by means of 18F-fluorodopa and PET
Masatoshi ITOH, et al. 245
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Quantifying regional cerebral blood flow with N-isopropyl-p[123I]iodoamphetamine by ring-type single-photon emission computed tomography: Validity of a method to estimate early reference value by means of regional brain time-activity curve
Naoya TAKAHASHI, et al. 253
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Radionuclide therapy of malignant pheochromocytoma with 131I-MIBG
Yoshiaki NAKABEPPU, et al. 259
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Evaluation of the ventilation-perfusion ratio in lung diseases by simultaneous anterior and posterior image acquisition
Yasunobu NAKATA, et al. 269
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Simulation study of triple-energy-window scatter correction in combined Tl-201, Tc-99m SPECT
Koichi OGAWA, et al. 277
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Identification of asynergic but viable myocardium in patients with chronic coronary artery disease by gated blood pool scintigraphy during isosorbide dinitrate and low-dose dobutamine infusion: Comparison with thallium-201 scintigraphy with reinjection
Hitoshi MATSUO, et al. 283
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Case Report

Antemortem diagnosis of cardiac sarcoidosis by abnormal uptake of 201Tl in bilateral hilar lymph nodes
Tomoki NAKAMURA, et al. 295
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Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome secondary to organophosphate intoxication induced neuropathy
Murathan SAHiN, et al. 299
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Technical Notes

CYFRA 21-1 as a tumor marker used in measuring the serum fragment of cytokeratin subunit 19 by immunoradiometric assay
Muhammad SARWAR, et al. 301
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